Annual Plant Sale

The Hampden Hampshire Conservation District will not be holding a plant sale for 2020

April Board of Supervisors Meeting

Tuesday April 21st  at 6:30pm. Telemeeting. Email for call in information.

Watershed Rehabilitation Program

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has constructed over 10,000 dams throughout the United States. When these dams were built in the mid-20th century, various county Conservation Districts as well as cities and towns in Massachusetts were signed on as partners. The Watershed Rehabilitation Program helps these project sponsors rehabilitate aging dams that are reaching the end of their 50-year design lives. In Hampden and Hampshire counties, 3 of these dams need rehabilitation: the Powdermill and Arm Brook Dam in Westfield, and Black Brook Dam in Russell. The Powdermill rehabilitation project has been funded, with the NRCS providing 65% of the necessary funds to the city of Westfield and has moved on to the planning stage. The Arm Brook and Black Brook dams are still in the funding application process.