Board of supervisors

What is a Conservation District Supervisor?

A Conservation District Supervisor is a volunteer who serves the people, landowners, and communities within his or her district by observing, reporting on, advocating for and directing efforts to address natural resource issues within the community.

The Supervisor is knowledgeable about natural resource issues. They know the people, businesses, agencies and organizations in their community who are affected by these issues, particularly those involved in agriculture. They also know which issues have the potential to affect the health and well-being of human and natural communities within their district.

Supervisors are elected by the landholders of the county to serve on a seven person board of supervisors that guides the actions and efforts of the county conservation district. These boards hold open public meetings, usually monthly, where any landholder in the county can bring forth conservation concerns or request assistance from the district on matters related to soil, water and natural resources; and district supervisors can discuss, debate and resolve to take action.

The Board of Supervisors works cooperatively with landowners, concerned citizens, local governments, community organizations, and state and federal agencies to address these matters by seeking out common ground and sensible solutions. They apply available resources in a cost-effective manner.

A Supervisor’s roles and responsibilities are defined by state law, but are not limited by that definition.

Please consider joining the efforts of your local district by becoming a supervisor!

Hampden Hampshire Conservation District Supervisors