Farmer Profiles

Farmer Profiles

Edwin Matuszko, Linda Kingsley, and Joe Matuszko at Twin Oaks Farm


Twin Oaks Farm is a family-owned wholesale vegetable farm is in its 40th year of operation. Amid the challenges of extreme weather events and maintaining a reliable work force, they’ve succeeded by growing a diversity of crops, coordinating plantings to mitigate disease problems and keeping the ground covered to protect the soil.

They believe that land is our most important asset, and strive to maintain and improve soil health through good management practices. Click for their full profile.


Dan Pratt at Astarte Farm


Astarte Farm is a certified organic market garden in Hadley established by Dan Pratt in 1999. When Jim Mead took ownership of Astarte in 2014, Dan maintained management of the farm’s 6.6 acres. No-till practices there began at that time, and include the use of biochar, compost, occultation strips, and predator and pollinator habitat in beds and along buffer zones. Check out Dan’s full profile.