Why Urban Farming?

Urban agriculture is a growing phenomenon, and the NRCS has made it one of their priorities.

The NRCS explains that “Urban agriculture pioneers are taking action in their communities, growing not only fresh, healthy produce, but increasing opportunity and knowledge and improving the beauty of their neighborhoods.Through community gardens, produce is being grown and donated to those who need it and children and adults are learning about agriculture first-hand. Farmer’s markets are offering easy-access to fresh foods in areas where grocery stores are miles away and are providing
new income streams for residents.

NRCS serves all agriculture – large to small, conventional to organic, rural to urban. As American agriculture continues to grow in new directions, NRCS conservation assistance is growing along with it. By bringing cultivation and opportunity to both rural and urban areas, we address many needs — Restoring the health of the soil. Restoring the health of people.


Did you know that 15% of the world’s food is grown in urban areas? It’s true! Watch the video to learn more