Equipment Rentals

As part of our Healthy Soils Program, The Hampden-Hampshire Conservation District is now providing low-cost farm equipment rentals to farmers in Western Massachusetts. The equipment we have selected is designed to build soil health, through minimizing soil disturbance. The first piece of equipment we have purchased is an Esch No-Till Seed drill. You can find details on this piece of equipment below.

We are planning to offer more equipment over time, and welcome your suggestions on equipment that would be of greatest use to your operation. 

To make a rental reservation, please contact Matthew Karas: (413) 362-4720, or [email protected]

We ask that all farmers clean rented equipment prior to returning. Equipment that is returned dirty is subject to a $100 cleaning fee.



Farmers are encouraged to pick up and drop off rental equipment, free of charge. The rental equipment is stored in South Deerfield, close to Route 116.

If delivery is required, we charge $100 for each way, within Franklin, Hampshire, and Hampden counties. Delivery outside of these countines will include an additional free, depending on the location. Please contact us for more details. 


Esch 5605 No-Till Seed Drill

Esch 5605 No-Till Seed Drill

Available for Spring planting, pasture rejuvenation, mid-season interseeding and Fall cover-cropping or double cropping. The 5605 has 12 openers, with a planting width of 5’6″ and 5.5″ row spacing. The transport width is 8′ and weight is 3,900 lbs. Requires 40+HP Tractor. 

Rental fee: $50/day (not including transport days) + $5/acre.

Esch 5605 Rental Agreement

Esch 5605 Calibration-1

BCS Tractor and Attachments

BCS Tractor and Attachments

The newest addition to our fleet of equipment! The BCS 779 walk-behind tractor with a 30″ power harrow, 30″ flail mower, and a subsoiler!

Rental Fee for BCS tractor, with all attachments:

  • $125/1-day
  • $300/3-day
  • $450/5-day

 To rent a single attachment: 

  • $35/day
  • $90/3-day
  • $125/5-day

BCS Rental Agreement

Agtec Soil Penetrometer

Agtec Soil Penetrometer

This soil penetrometer is used to test the compaction levels of the soil. It has a detailed color coded gauge that lets you see the resistance of your soil based on how much pressure is needed to break through the soil. This unit features a dual gauge and 2 penetrometer tips so you can measure either 0-500 psi with the 3/4″ tip or 0-1000 psi with the 1/2″ tip. Soil resistance should be less than 200 but definitely not more than 400 psi.

Rental fee: Free of charge!

Berkshire Conservation District

Esch 5512 No-Till Seed Drill

Esch 5512 No-Till Seed Drill

The Esch 5512 is a 12′ seed drill designed for sowing larger acreage than the 5605. It has 5.5″ row spacing, and has a swing tongue that allows it to fold to 8’8″ for road transportation. Please visit BCD’s website to learn more and make a reservation: